New Video for 'Homecoming Queen' and New Tour Dates

Here's another new music video from Magnet for "Homecoming Queen," produced by Fast Forward and directed by Marcel Leilienhof.

He's got a handful of tour dates coming up this month. A few shows already happened since I made my last post. Whoops. :( Well. If you live in Norway or are visiting Norway, this info's for you:

  • March 8: Lillestrøm, Martins

  • March 10: Sandvika, Musikkflekken (220 NOK, 170 NOK for children, students, seniors)

  • March 11: Kolbotn, Kolben (260 NOK, comes with a free ticket, buy tickets)

  • March 16: Bykle, Samfunnshus

  • March 17: Øystese, Kabuso

Magnet's official website magnetmusic.no was under construction for a while, but now it's fully up and running with all the latest news and such. You can also follow Magnet on Twitter at @magneteven.