New Album Coming Out December 2

Magnet's new album, Ferrofluid, is coming out next Friday, December 2, in Norway. It's available for pre-order at cdon.no (Rest-of-Europe site: cdon.eu) on CD (149 kr) and vinyl (199 kr). Platekompaniet also lists a deluxe CD (299 kr) version. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Doldrum Days

  2. Sister Sorrow

  3. Bad Blood

  4. Stay - with Hilde Marie Kjersem

  5. Homecoming Queen

  6. Fireflies

  7. Pussyfoot

  8. Nemesis

  9. Together

  10. Reprizer

You can listen to the album's first single, "Doldrum Days," on Myspace and Spotify (and buy it on iTunes). You can listen to the album's second single, "Stay" (a Shakespeare's Sister cover) on Soundcloud.

As for what the heck ferrofluid is, Wikipedia says it's "a liquid which becomes strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field." It can do cool shizz like this.

There's a new official Magnet website in the works, finally! Still under construction, but here you go: magnetmusic.no. Also check out the official Facebook and Myspace pages for new stuff.