Magnet is doing stuff! Whoa!

After a few years of nothingness, I got a message from the folks of his management company BpopMentometer to say that Magnet is doing stuff! I mean, related to music. Presumably he's doing stuff all the time. Here's the message:

Magnet is currently in his studio in Bergen, where he is finishing his new record with a bunch of great Norwegian musicians. We have heard the first song, and really looking forward to the rest!

Even has spent the last year learning how to ride his horse, and feeding his goats. His growing commitment for a better environment has taken a lot of time, but he has also found the time to produce albums for several Norwegian artists, such as Lene Marlin and Amina. He has also found a lot of inspiration for his new album.

Stay tuned to soon get pictures from Magnet’s Devil-island, the studio, and of course: music.