Message from Magnet

Even left a message in the guestbook about the new album, his upcoming concert and...lots of rain:

So there it is...
new record, new label, new this, new that and newness all around...
It's looking like march will be the time to set the new songs free, and hope they find a good home out there in the sad and beautiful world.
Come thursday 18th, I will be playing lots of new songs, and lots of older songs in Oslo together with a whole bunch of people called KORK. There'll be between 50 and 60 of them, 4 of my sweet musician friends and myself.
I'm sure it'll be an evening to remember for me.
For everyone else, we'll try hard to make it an evening hard to forget.
Hell, they even say they are going to film it, just in case it goes well. So we're all gonna dress sharp, talk blunt and stomp our feet!

In Bergen it has now rained for 72 days without any noticable break...it is beyond wet, it's beyond soaked, it's "gjennombløt"

Itching to play some new songs.....and wear some dry socks.

Viva Roger Withaker!