message from Magnet

Even left a message in the guestbook with information about his latest album:


I guess the guestbook finaly has been fixed then...A little bit of news to tell. The new album is just about finished, and I've never been so happy and satisfied with anything I've done before... Strange days indeed...Almost like a brand new magnet.
This time around it's an all accoustic recording, with a whole bunch of strings and brass and unusual arrangements for this day and age. It kind of feels like a new soul record from somewhere where they've just found their soul...not sure if that makes sense, but anyway.

Summer's over, time to play now!

Only thing we know, is that we don't know.

See you soon.

A wee kiss from me Even

Indeedio, the guestbook is sparkly and new, so please fill it with happy words. :)