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Hello! Just a little something I should have written, & done a long time ago. A big thank you to those who bought the record and those who came to the shows. Some even did both, and should get an even bigger thank you! It has been a strange year, this one, with lot’s of weird things going on, like a new rain-record in Bergen ( 3000mm ), people I know & love breaking up, I was bitten by a poisenous adder on my eyelid, my inabillity to sleep on the tour, with my ever so popstaresque near collapse in Tokyo as a result of toooooo little sleep and now my friend Dupermann has decided to grow a new bodypart, in the form of a ever-expanding gigantic beard. I’ve decided to start making a new record sooner rather than later, so some shows will unfortunately be cancelled, or postponed. My apologies if someone ends up dissapointed. There’s a record coming on right now, so I should strike when it’s hot, really??? shouldn’t I??? I’m playing a few christmas shows, so I can play off some of the christmas-fat I’ve gained (no doubt..) so if you’re in Horten julejazz 26th, or Oslo mono 27th come and hang out. I will be coming to the US sometime around south by south west to play some shows. It’s been too long since last time. Anyhow…Much love to all, and hope to see you sometime in 2006. Have a wonderful new year, and please be safe. Yours always, Even