new album details

Magnet’s new album The Tourniquet will be released in Norway via Atlantic Records/Warner Brothers on May 30th. It will come out in the rest of Europe, Japan and Australia in the summer and the US in autumn.

The album was produced and performed by Even, with the help of Jørgen Træen, Jason Falkner and Yngve Sætre. Recording took place between autumn ‘04 and February ‘05 mostly at Even’s Bolero Levende Lyd & Krabbe Studio on the Devil’s Island just outside Bergen, Norway and at Cherokee Studio in Los Angeles.

Album tracklisting:

  1. Hold On

  2. Duracellia

  3. The Pacemaker

  4. Believe

  5. All You Ask

  6. Deadlock

  7. Fall At Your Feet

  8. Blow By Blow

  9. Miss Her So

  10. Jaws